Data transfers

Your personal data may be transferred to our business partners and subcontractors. We transfer your personal data outside the European Union or the European economic area in accordance with data protection legislation.

PartnerCountryData protectionPersonal information collected by Oy Communication Pro Ab transferred outside the EU/EEA
Braintree LtdUSAStandard Contractual ClausesYes
Defiant Inc.USAStandard Contractual ClausesYes
Facebook Inc.USAPrivacy ShieldYes
Fonecta OyFinlandEU/EEANo
Google LLCUSAPrivacy Shield, Standard Contractual ClausesYes
Loyalistic LtdFinlandEU/EEANo
Liidio OyFinlandEU/EEANo
Equinix (Finland) OyFinlandEU/EEANo