GalleryPage add-on

120.00 / year and a 79.00 sign-up fee

Create your own branded bookshelf or kiosk out of your ePapers with the GalleryPage!
The GalleryPage is a webpage that contains all your published ePapers and has your corporate touch.
Your uploaded PDF’s will appear on your GalleryPage as thumbnails that link directly to your ePapers.

Your GalleryPage will be custom made by our engineers and you will be notified of its readiness in one to three working days.

Choose a background color or image.
Add your own logo or banner to the top of the page.*
Write a short description for your readers and add a nice title.*
Your page can be in any language.

* The logo or banner and title that you add will also be the ones used when the page is shared to Social Media.

Take a look at these examples!


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